Our team consists of experienced and dedicated persons passionate about their work.

All new employees must read an in-house training manual; attend a 10 day orientation and training program before they can touch an espresso machine. Then comes the hands-on training; LaWien has a special coffee bar, complete of all the amenities similar to our café and this is where new baristas begin to learn grinding, extraction and milk steaming techniques.

After several focused undisturbed hours of practice on the espresso machine in a closed environment, trainees can pull shots or steam milk during open hours. During his shift, trainee acts as a second person under the careful watch of an experienced barista. The supervising trainer will often require a trainee to work with a more experienced barista for up to three months before letting him work a shift without supervision. Employees have been trained to render service and handle clients comparable to a five star hotel; trained in the area of customer service, phone ethics, client interaction and most importantly good grooming and personal hygiene. Business partners of LaWien will be provided with a detailed copy of the training manuals, plus a full orientation seminar and training from the Training department of LaWien.


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