It all started with a desire to have a cup of quality coffee and the passion to share.  At the heart of the concept is the quality of products. Our love for coffee drives us to create a coffee specialty house to share our knowledge as coffee specialists with everyone, and help others understand that coffee is a beauty to be enjoyed and craving to be cultivated. We are an organization driven with passion and powered by excellence.

The Atmosphere: An environment where one can enjoy their beloved beverage prepared to achieve the flavors they wanted with the coffee bean of their choice. LaWien has the capacity to freshly grind the 20+ different types of coffees and house blends for different preparations to achieve unique tastes and flavors. With a showroom for the various coffee beans and coffee supplies, for guests and clients who loved to try our various drinks offered. With every detail and design on the coffee house carefully studied, from materials, lighting, to couches and chairs. Every inch and every angle studied for a place where one would surely enjoy drinking their beloved coffee.  


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