Since 1966

LaWien (read: LaVienn), derived from the word Vienna; the capital city of Austria. Why LaWien? Simply because, the concepts, idea, and the system where all developed in Austria with the use of German Technology for our machines. LaWien prides itself of European expertise, influence and standards, coupled with the owners' years of coffee experience.

Prior to the opening of the first coffee house in Riyadh, the owners have honed their skills and expertise on the ins and outs of the coffee business thru their involvement in the family owned corporation involved in trading green coffee. In the early 1960s and now with more  more than 50 years in the industry of trading, and 3 generations of family expertise have been developed, LaWien use this heritage to further develop their range of operations by getting into the business of roasting green coffees. To further complete the cycle and to really get into the heart of the business; starting from trading green coffee, roasting and finally into the operation of a full service coffee house that serves all the needs of a coffee lover.

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