LaWien has a growing list of satisfied customers who benefit on these areas; among them are the various coffee bars and hotels in the city. 

Operators and owners of coffee shops greatly benefit with LaWiens supply of freshly roasted coffee beans. As part of LaWiens campaign to introduced good coffee to it's area of operations, LaWien supplies the hotels, coffee bars and different café's with freshly roasted coffees for their various uses. Available are 20+ single origin and various house blend coffees for different uses and needs to satisfy clients (Espresso Blends, Turkish Blends, American Coffee Blends, and Arabic Coffee Blends). With our beans sourced only from the premier growers in the world like Indonesia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Honduras, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, India, Ecuador, Brazil, Zambia, Yemen, and Jamaica .The variety of beans available not only ranges from the different flavors that we offer but also with the fineness of the product with price range from fifteen Dollars to two hundred sixty Dollars per kilogram of beans. 

LaWiens expertise and knowledge on the various attitudes of coffee varieties greatly helps us achieve and meet client requests. Most of the clients understand and know the characteristic of coffee that they want in their supply (full body, fairly acidic with floral aroma and or fruity overtones) but has no knowledge as to what type of coffee beans contains those properties. For a guaranteed supply of premium coffee beans freshly roasted and packed,  organizations don't have  to trouble themselves looking for suppliers elsewhere, with a guaranteed delivery within a 24 hour period or less.

LaWien also supplies various coffee accessories from espresso machines, French press, moka express, coffee mugs, coffee cups, tea glass in different designs, various gourmet flavors and bottled syrups.

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