Every Tuesday in our cafe is tasting of different varieties of coffee and lectures from our barista. You will always find out something new here.

Cold brew coffee for hot summer or perfect filter coffee from fresh roasted sorts of craft bean are always in in our cafe.

Discounts for fresh desserts for large companies. The promotion starts after 6 pm every day except weekends and holidays.

Kaffa Menu

Tasty Products


Special house blend of prized coffee; full bodied straight espresso.


A blend of selected beans known for it’s straightforward flavor, medium body and moderate acidity, ideal for breakfast.

Al Sultan

Strong and rich cup of coffee, a blend of beans known for their spicy flavor and great aftertaste.

Al Basha

A smoothand moderate tasting Turkish coffee with a complex intense aroma.


A blend of finely selected coffee with a mixture of cardamoms. Available in three different roasts; light medium, and dark.


This is the perfect blend for moonlit nights and peaceful evenings. The type  of coffee, that one would truly enjoy, with its flavorful aroma, with hints of  spices and flavors.

Dark Citrus

A special blend, know for its citrus aftertaste, heavy on the palate, very rich coffee, with a distinctive sharp acidity.

4 All

A blend of finely selected coffee, especially formulated to capture the delight of coffee lovers who want a medium bodied, rich fragrant coffee, not too strong and not too light.

Taj Mahal

special roast of a very fine Java, specifically for Arabic Coffee. A coffee of a very fine floral aroma that produces a cup of thousand sensations.

Yemeni Kholani

A variety of Yemen beans used with secret ingredients for an enjoyable Arabic dink.

Ethiopia Longberry Harrar

Arabica beans, roasted to perfection ideal for Arabic Coffee; capturing the true taste of Sahara.

Zambia AA

A wonderfully acidic coffee with an intense flavor, rich body and a very rich fragrant and floral aroma. Very rich earthy taste.

Tanzania AA PeaBerry, Utengule Estate

This coffee is well known for its good acidity, medium to full bodied flavor and excellent fragrance. Most Tanzanian arabicas are grown on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru, near the Kenyan Border. They tend to be medium to full bodied and fairly rich in flavor. “Peaberry” means that the beans come one to a cherry (coffee fruit) instead of the usual two.

Nicaragua SHG Talia AA

Nicaraguan coffee is a decent, straightforward flavor, fairly acidity, with medium to light body.

Mexico Maragogype

With an overall fragrance that is excellent and most importantly it’s clean and sweet in the cup, with vanilla, maple, caramel and hazelnut hints. It is very delicious as a mild-sweet straight espresso, aromatic and with great aftertaste. Maragogype refers to the hybrid size of beans, or sometimes called as “elephant beans”.

Kenya AA

Cultivated in one of the oldest coffee growing regions in the world, this is one of the most distinctive beans that we offer. Thought by many to be one of the finest coffee in the world. From the rich high altitude soils of Kenya comes this special taste and aroma. An acidic cup, full-bodied, complex, with outstanding flavors. This could become your favorite cup. Grade designates the size of the bean; AA is largest, followed by A and B.

Indonesia Java, Blawan Private Estate

Long esteemed for its thick richness and smooth flavor, this Java is rich, robust and tangy with strong notes of roasted spices and deep earthy tones. Being shade grown gives this bean even more substance in your cup.

India Plantation A and India AA

Best known for producing the worlds tea, India is also a huge producer of coffee. This Plantation coffee is a great example of one of these new quality coffees. With moderate body and acidity, and the usual Indian clove and spice flavouring, The “AA” indicates the quality.

Honduras SHG Genuine Lenca

it’s a clean cup but with some real heft to it, deep but without distractions to the flavors, with subtle hints of pears, star fruit and (as it cools) cantaloupe. As it cools it becomes incredibly balance and the body seems to become heavier, almost velvety. This heavy body, when roasted to a full city, becomes quite syrupy sweet…excellent. SHG – strictly high grown.

Ethiopia Sidamo Mocha

Ethiopia’s Sidamo province is the birthplace of coffee- this is where it was first discovered. As befits its ancient origins, the coffee from these lands is steeped in history and mysteries. Its flavor is as alluring and complex as mythology itself. Fleeting and gentle floral scents waft from it, imparting a lemon-like tartness and a complex fruitiness.

Ethiopia Longberry Harrar

Ethiopian coffees are now among the worlds most varied and distinctive, all display the fruity acidity characteristic of African and Arabian coffees, but they play a rich range of variations on this theme. It has an intense, spicy flavor and aroma. The brew is medium to full bodied and lively in the cup.

Ecuador Special de Vilcabamba

Coffee from Ecuador is a rare treat as most of coffee production is consumed locally. This coffee is medium and mellow bodied with floral overtones and a distinctive, sharp and pleasant acidity.

Ecuador washed SHB Loja District Biolatina

The altitude range is enormous, as coffee is grown between low areas (Robusta on the northern plains) and 2400 meters. Ecuador’s, which come in 69 kilo bags, are described as “thin in the cup”. “sharp” and “woody. SHB- strictly hard bean.

Jamaica Blue Mountain

Wallenford Estate Size 1 – These uncommon beans grow high above Jamaica’s sultry coast, producing a coffee that’s pure gold. The Highland coffees traditionally rank among the world’s most distinguished, and Jamaican Blue Mountain, however defines that name, is the world’s most celebrated and most expensive coffee. For more than 162 years, this coffee has been cultivated in the Blue Mountain regions, where the terrain, the rainfall and thick Blue Mountain mist come together to create perfect growing conditions.

Indonesia Toraja

is grown at very high altitudes in the Toraja region. A 300 year history of coffee cultivation and production produce an intensely rich coffee with low acidity and a deep complex aroma.

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